Hotel Solomare

Odessa region, Ovidiopolsky district, Karolino Bugazsky village council, array 2, sector 11

Karolino-Bugaz Odessa

Location, directions to the hotel

You can order a transfer from Odessa (specify the cost) or a taxi from the station Student (specify the cost).

By car:
40 km from Odessa: the M27 highway (the road to the town of Chernomorsk), then the T1641 highway (the road to Zatoka), after s. Gribovka (the road begins to be concrete) before the railway crossing (without crossing it) you need to go straight along the lower road along the sea (the railway tracks will always be on the right) after about 800m (the asphalt is finished and the concrete road starts), turn left, through the barrier to the Villa Hotel Solomare.

Railway (student station):
Train Number – Route – Arrival Time (Bugaz)
6342/6341 Belgorod-Dniester → Odessa 06:07
6302/6301 Odessa → Belgorod-Dniester 08.18
6304/6303 Odessa → Belgorod-Dniester 10.11
6344/6343 Belgorod-Dniester → Odessa 10.30
6346/6345 Belgorod-Dniester → Odessa 14.41
6308/6307 Odessa → Belgorod-Dniester 15.40
6348/6347 Belgorod-Dniester → Odessa 17.46
6310/6309 Odessa → Belgorod-Dniester 19.21

Route taxi from Odessa № 601 (bus station “Privoz”)
Stop: moving station “Student”.

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