Booking conditions

The best hotel Karolino-Buhaz

A prepayment of 1 night is required for the reservation to take effect. Without prepayment, the reservation is not valid. Prepayment should be made within 3 banking days, but not later than 7 days before arrival at the hotel. 3 days before arrival, you can cancel your reservation and return the full amount of the prepayment. If you decide to cancel your reservation later than 3 days, the prepayment is not refundable.

You can book a room through our website or by phone number. You can transfer the amount of the reservation to a Bank card or to a card account. After payment is received from you, we will send you a booking confirmation with dates, room category and other details.

Minimum stay two days (from 1.06. on 30.06), three days (from 01.07. on 31.08.)